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Improvisational Comedy is the spontaneous invention of comic sketches based on suggestions from the audience. Sketches are co-created on the spot by two or more players. This involves the application of a number of creative thinking skills, communication skills, and teamwork abilities under pressure - not unlike the demands of today’s work environments.

Many of the techniques, helpful hints, and attitudes that enable performers to do this successfully can be applied to workplace situations, and are taught in an Improvisation Training workshop:

bulletAn attitude of relaxed, even playful, openness to new ideas.
bulletTemporary suspension of critical judgment, while in the option-generating phase.
bulletAttentive listening to the partners with whom one is co-creating.
bulletAcceptance of a new idea or approach from the standpoint of exploring the possibilities it has to offer. The attitude of "Yes, and ______"
bulletDiverging out from the obvious into the far reaches of imagination. "What if ___?"
bulletReframing situations to explore creative possibilities. Shifting perspective, focus, position.
bulletA willingness to take chances, to risk appearing foolish.
bulletAn understanding that no choice is absolutely right or wrong, though each may turn out to be more or less productive in a given situation - and this can often be discovered only through trial and error.

Not for Everyone!

While Improvisation Training sessions can be designed to be more or less challenging for participants, they do require that all participants be willing to get actively involved, to risk taking chances onstage.

The Joy of Improv

The reward for taking such risks is the thrill of success - the enhanced self-assurance that comes from knowing one can think on one’s feet, respond flexibly to whatever creative challenge is presented, and pull off a successful presentation.

Flexible Formats

Improvisation Training workshops can be tailored to fit the size of your group, the space and room layout available, and the available time frame.

For information on ongoing Improvisational Comedy classes in San Diego, click here.

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