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Creativity Training
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Creativity training and workshops for corporations, organizations and conferences worldwide.
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Creative Employees Are:

Your best problem solvers
Your likeliest innovators
Those who can respond most flexibly and effectively to the rapidly changing demands of today’s marketplace.

Creativity Live training sessions and workshops are designed to develop every participant’s creativity through a series of lively, interactive exercises that are much more energizing than the standard pen and paper fare, yet easily as effective.

These Workshops Are Custom-Designed

To accomodate your training priorites:

bulletOutside-the-box thinking
bulletMental flexibility
bulletProblem solving
bulletStress reduction

And to fit:

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The size of your group
The available workshop space and room layout
Your preferred time frame. 
Possibilities include:
* A half hour energizer break at a meeting
* A 1 to 3 hour breakout session at a conference
* A "happy hour" after-work creativity workout
* A half day, day long or multiple-meeting training session
* An afternoon or evening event at a retreat

I will work with you to design the best possible format for participants to enjoy exercising their creative talents - independently and cooperatively - and to practice communicating their ideas effectively.

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